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The small 1.3-hectare vineyard in which my wines are born, there are three varieties: Nero d’Avola, Perricone and Catarratto. This small parcel is characterized by a wide diversity mainly dictated by the slopes of the soil, which led me to adopt different types of pruning, chosen and studied based on the vigor of each plant. Given these peculiar conditions, I decided to divide the hectare into seven parts and therefore to carry out more than one harvest. In fact the harvests can be separated in time up to one month one to another. Hence, the project “Le sette vendemmie” was born: seven distinct harvests in order to obtain completely different wines from the same grapes and from the same row.

Thinking of Wine

Despite being young, I often ask to myself: “How many harvests will a winemaker make in his life? How many chances will you have to do well?” If you think about it, a year of hard work is enclosed in a short but intense period, in which everyone could tell a new story every year. These reflections led me to think that there are no wines better than others, but it is necessary to evaluate them and insert each of them in their framework. From the first time I choosed to return, my decision was to honor this wonderful territory and respect it. That’s why I decided to produce wines that bear my name. I returned with the commitment to show everyone that my land is unique and to be rediscovered.


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Contrada Serre 92025 Casteltermini (AG) Sicily-Italy

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